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Learn about our HVAC service in Raleigh, Elon, Burlington & Apex, NC

HVAC issues don't have to be complicated. The experts at Capitol City Heating & Air Inc. can break down complicated issues and provide the answers you need. If you have HVAC questions in Raleigh, Elon, Burlington & Apex, NC, turn to us.

Here are some of the most common questions we get from our clients:

Should I repair or replace my existing HVAC system?

The short answer is that it depends on your HVAC system. We'll inspect your unit and compare the repair cost to the cost of replacing it. If the cost of replacing it is comparable to repairs, we advise getting a replacement because it'll last longer and ultimately save you more money.

Should I turn my air conditioner or furnace off during the day while I am at work?

No, but we recommend turning them down. Doing this will help you save money on your utility bill by using less energy. When you come home, your unit should have no problem returning the home to the proper temperature.

How often do my filters need to be changed?

We recommend checking them monthly. However, you don't always need to switch them out. Gently cleaning them with a vacuum can help them last longer. The filter should be replaced once it's noticeably worn.

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