Defend Your Home Against Germs and Bacteria

Learn how UV lights can benefit your property in Raleigh, NC

Now more than ever, it's important to make sure you maintain a clean home. This includes your air. Capitol City Heating & Air can help you keep your air free of germs and bacteria with UV lights and air purification services in Raleigh, NC.

UV lights are sterilization tools used to prevent the spread of illnesses. HVAC UV lights can eliminate a wide variety of pathogens, including fungi, bacteria and viruses that can be found lingering in your air.

Call us at 919-866-2922 to learn more about what an HVAC UV light can do for you. We offer competitive pricing and a two-year labor warranty.

UV Lights and Air Purification raleigh nc

Top benefits of installing an HVAC UV light

UV lights offer a number of great benefits when added to your HVAC system, including:

  • Improved airflow and air purification
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Reduced airborne germs and viruses

Contact us to set up an UV light air purification system now. You can schedule an appointment at your convenience.